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 Warriors’ David Lee: Season on the brink

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Warriors’ David Lee: Season on the brink   Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:45 pm

Warriors power forward David Lee, who has attended three player meetings since the beginning of the NBA lockout, believes it’s possible the season could be canceled.

"I never thought the season was ever in danger," Lee said during discount jerseysa phone interview from Los Angeles. "I see now that it’s very possible it could happen."

The players and owners reconvene Tuesday for what is being called a critical meeting. mlb jerseys cheapFederal mediator George Cohen, who met separately with both sides on Monday, will preside. The meeting comes one week after NBA commissioner David Stern wiped out the first two weeks of the regular season (Nov. 1-14).

If there is no breakthrough on Tuesday, there is concern that Stern could cancel all gamesnhl jerseys cheap through Christmas. Stern said the owners are ready to deal but the players are holding it up.

"It will be interesting to see what’s going to happen with the owners," Lee said. "New nfl jerseys from chinaYork and L.A., they’re pulling for something different than Memphis and Minnesota. I can see them having some really different views about what should happen."

The players have rejected the owners’ offer of a 50-50 revenue split (players got 57 percent under the old collective bargaining agreement). The players also are opposed to a hard salary cap, severe luxury tax penalties and a decrease in the maximum length and size of contracts.

While Lee said he’s impressed with the united front the players are showing, hecheap nfl jerseys said different opinions do come up during players’ union meetings.

"Obviously, what a max player wants and what an incoming rookie wants are two different things," Lee said. "But from the meetings I’ve been to, they’ve done a good job listening to all the players.

"The vibe I’ve gotten is that while everyone wants to play basketball and we don’t want to miss games for no reason, what we’re fighting for is something fundamental and important to our game. Everyone is on the same page with that."

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Warriors’ David Lee: Season on the brink
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